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H5980 Heavy Duty Wheel Rakes

The H5980 heavy-duty wheel rake keeps pace with even the highest volume hay growers. Superior design and construction, including offset wheels, hydraulic windrow width adjustment and patented mechanical rake beams, make short work of broad flatland raking, and let you get the best windrows out of every crop.

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H5920 Series Wheel Rakes

No matter what your crop and field conditions require, everything you need to create the perfect windrow is available in the H5920 deluxe carted wheel rake. A choice of three frame sizes with best-in-class strength, generous clearance and standard arm flotation let you easily move valuable crop cuttings into perfect windrows.

HT100 Trailing Wheel Rakes

Move more hay and make fluffier windrows with a New Holland trailing wheel rake. Available in seven working widths—from 17 to 36 feet—these folding V rakes are built to handle the rigors of tough field conditions and high-speed operation. See why New Holland is the leader in haytools.

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ProCart Deluxe Wheel Rakes

New Holland ProCart™ deluxe carted wheel rakes are the professional's choice for big raking capacity. They offer dependable, high-speed raking, allowing you to create windrows that are easy to bale. Whatever conditions you face – from heavy windrows to tedded or thick, wide swaths – ProCart wheel rakes make short work of raking. Individual floating rake wheels and newly optimized raking angles provide cleaner raking and help form more uniform easier to bale windrows so you can put up quality hay quickly. The well-built frame provides the strength and reliability you need, and it’s compact and stable so you can move fast between farm and field.

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Rolabaler Rakes

You won’t leave any hay behind with the New Holland Rolabar® rake. Its unique design allows the tines to more closely follow the ground contours, while leaving the dirt in the field. The result is cleaner hay and more of it. Combine two Rolabar rakes with New Holland’s model 252 rake hitch and double your productivity.

216 Unitized Rake
252 Pivot-Tongue Rake Hitch